Adult Paperback Novels

The AB Classics inventory of vintage adult paperback novels are original publications mostly from Greenleaf Classics and Liverpool Library Press. These Greenleaf Classics paperbacks and Liverpool Library Press paperbacks date primarily from the 1970’s and 1980’s, a timeframe often referenced as the Golden Age of Erotica. All titles available here were acquired from private collections, and were printed and published in paperback form back then. We offer them here for those who prefer reading material in paperback form, and for collectors wishing to expand their inventory.

Erotic Stories in Digital Format

Are you looking for Adult Stories in digital format rather than in paperback format? Alternative erotic adult stories in digital ebook format are available for reading on computers, tablets, smartphones, ebook readers, etc. More than 2600 titles from Greenleaf Classics, Liverpool Library Press, Beeline and other Golden Age of Erotica publishers are available at our partner business, Adult Ebook Classics.

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