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Hot Sister by Robert Vickers
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Published in 1980 by Greenleaf Classics.

HOT SISTER is the story of a boy and his sister who live at home by themselves. As you read this novel, you will see how the normal sex drives of each are twisted into a relationship that would bring the wrath of their neighbors down upon them if they ever found out.

Jeffrey and his attractive sister find what they are both looking for in the glory of each other’s bodies; but what else will they find? The reader is left to decide for himself what the consequences of such a relationship might be—both for them and for society itself.

Sheila McDonald sat by her radio in the car, her long legs propped up on the dashboard. She’d been listening for over an hour and hadn’t heard anything that sounded interesting or exciting. Nothing was happening in town. Nothing. And it bored the lovely eighteen year old out of her head.

She needed cock, she decided. But not just any cock. The kids she went to school with couldn’t come close to satisfying her sexual needs. They weren’t men, real men.

Sheila sighed. She knew she was fantasizing. There weren’t any real men out there—not for her, at any rate. She was doomed to be stuck with kids her own age, fumbling nervously, fondling her ample tits, stroking over her belly until they found her dewy-damp cunt. Then they’d stuff in their pricks and fuck a couple of times and come.

But she wouldn’t. Sheila had yet to find one high-school stud worth spreading for. All of them were interested only in fucking and getting themselves off. Not a single one had gotten her off, not like she came by herself masturbating.

Savagely, the red-haired teenager switched off the car radio and opened the door to get out. She’d been hoping to hear the DJ tell her about something really great going down tonight. But there’d been nothing but the same old shit. No new discos opening, not even a supermarket giving away free cokes.

As her long, naked legs swung out she heard impassioned moans. For a moment, the green-eyed young girl thought she’d left the radio on. But the telltale red light on the dashboard was dark. Whatever this noise was, it didn’t come from the radio.

She heard it again and knew it wasn’t being broadcast. Such stark, raw fucking sounds would get any radio station’s license lifted if they tried to put something like that out over the air.

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