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The Golden Age of Erotica refers to the 1970’s and 1980’s timeframe when many low-budget publishers produced soft-core and hard-core adult novels. They are usually in soft-cover paperback format coming from many publishers, including  Greenleaf Classics,  Liverpool Library Press and others. They are all out of print now, and only generally available from private collections. 

The AB Classics inventory available here contains some of these vintage adult paperback novels for those who prefer reading material in paperback form, and for collectors wishing to expand their inventory. Our inventory is shrinking as we sell them.

For those interested in novels and stories like these in digital eBook format, check out our partner website AE Classics.

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The website search function works best when you enter a single word, a phrase, a title, an author name of interest. The term for two particular words are masked with the character “#” in them: r#pe and inc#st, so use those spellings. The search results shown may contain your search term in the book title or the detail descriptions. A preview of search results is first shown below the search box.

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Our Shopping Cart allows adding multiple selections to your cart before Checkout and payment, to save you time and effort entering payment details multiple times.

There is a link in the Shopping Cart allowing you to “Continue Shopping” and buttons allowing you to remove an item in the Shopping Cart and to empty the Shopping Cart completely.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Do you buy used adult paperback books?

Maybe. Contact us with details of what you have. We also accept donations of any paperbacks. Contact Us for details.

Do you offer website membership accounts?

We no longer offer membership accounts. Such an account is not needed to make a purchase.

Can I return eBooks and get a refund?

All sales are final, and therefore are not eligible for a refund.

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